Timeless Canceled... again!


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So I finally took the time (pun intended) to catch up on NBC's "Timeless" and they go ahead and cancel it! It looks like they might do a two hour movie to try and tie up the loose ends... but I'm really getting ready to bow out of watching serialized Sci-Fi TV all together. There is just no commitment from the networks and the only thing that seems to exist year after year is more shitty reality television.

I mean, why even bother getting invested in a story if they keep ripping the rug out from under you right in the middle of it.

I'm still reeling over the cancellation of The Expanse, which I feel is one of the greatest Sci-Fi stories in years to get a TV adaptation.. Gone.

But, you know... Wynonna Earp keeps on keepin' on. For some ghastly unknown reason.

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