The Meg

We've got our first look at the upcoming movie The Meg, which is based on a series of novels by author Steve Alten. I've read the first three novels and am halfway through the fourth (Alten is reportedly working on a fifth). They're good, fun reads. In addition, he's written some other cool underwater-themed Action/Sci-Fi novels like Goliath, The Loch, and Vostok. I may have to start another thread about him in the Books section.

Anyway, here's the first official trailer:

It looks to me as if they're incorporating elements of both of the first two novels. The underwater habitat we see looks similar to the Benthos; a mobile submersibile research facility that was a key setting of the second novel, The Trench. And it looks like its purpose is similar here: to explore the Marianas Trench where the Megaladon is first found (That book also has dinosaurs called Liopleurodons being discovered as well. But they're not in evidence here. Maybe in the sequel if this movie does well?)

Obviously as this movie is a co-production between Warner Brothers and a Chinese studio, the Asian characters' nationalities have been changed accordingly (in the book, they were Japanese). It's also interesting to note that it appears Statham and Li Bingbing's characters may already have an established relationship and have a daughter, where in the books they don't have children until the third novel, and by then their daughter and their son are both teenagers.