The Darkness: The Coolest Band You've (Probably) Never Heard Of


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Has anybody ever heard of The Darkness? They're not exactly huge here in the U.S., but they've got a huge following in the UK where they're from. Their biggest hit here was in 2005 with "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" off of their debut album "Permission to Land." But international success in the U.S. seems to have eluded them.

Part of that, though, could have been due to lead singer Justin Hawkins' substance abuse problems, which caused the band to break up briefly after their second album. Hawkins then formed his own band, called Hot Leg, while the remaining original members continued on as The Stone Gods. But after Hawkins got clean and sober, the band reconvened and have since released three more albums, and they sound just as good as they ever did.

The Darkness' main musical influence has been the Glam and Hard Rock bands of the 1970's. Think bands like Queen, The Sweet, T Rex, and Thin Lizzy. This has led to some dismissing them as a joke band. But they're serious.

If you want to get into them, they've released the following albums:

Permission to Land
One Way Ticket to Hell...And Back
Hot Cakes
Last of Our Kind
Pinewood Smile

They're playing Baltimore on the 24th, and I hope to see them.

Also, I always thought they would have been the perfect band to portray The Weird Sisters in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I'll always consider that to have been a missed opportunity.
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Excellent band. I like their early stuff better but that's just down to personal preference. I believe they actually started out as a kind of '70 power band parody, then when they saw they were getting some real traction.. they just embraced it.

But, yeah.. great band.

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