The 100 Is Back...


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Well The 100 is finally back. I have to admit I never thought I would stick with this show but it has actually grown on me.

Just watched episode 1. Would like to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions?


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I just caught up with the show. It looks like they're injecting some new blood into the show with the latest turn of events. The show, as a whole, is very much in the vein of most of the teen adventure / sci-fi novels that have come out over the last ten years. But, yeah.. it's an enjoyable show.

Eliza Taylor seems to be putting on a few though... pregnant?


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Yes, I kind of like the approach they are taking with the show. I just watched episode 2 and like the non-linear approach that things are going so we can see the above ground vs. bunker developments of the past 6 years with just a hint of what is going on up in space.

She might be pregnant. I kind of noticed in episode one they during the bathing scene they were almost going out of the way not to show too much of her body when she was swimming in the lake.

I wonder if she will give birth to a night blood. :)


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I didn't notice any appreciable weight gain on Taylor's part. And I just thought they chose to film her bathing scene in a non-sexualized, "male gaze-less" way.

I've been enjoying it myself. For me, I like how it kind of alternates between a Battlestar Galactica and a Fallout type of show.

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