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I've been busy with stuff for a bit... but as things have settled down now (in both life and work) I'm going to try and start regular updates to the site. BTW.. The forum is fully updated.. I'm still going to be doing some work on the forum selection and layout.. So if you have any forum ideas drop them in the suggestions/feedback group.. Also the Chat, Shoutbox, Resource and Gallery plugins are updated as well... Next I'm working on the main site blog and getting regular updates going.

I have about five computer builds coming up (Core2 Q6600, Xeon X5470, Xeon X3470, FX 8350 Black and Ryzen 1700X... Also I will be building my dual Xeon server, getting my Youtube channel up and running... and doing a fair bit of Linux related stuff... So perhaps I'll document most of that in the blog/forums as well... perhaps even Youtube

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