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· Shmuptacular Rises like the Phoenix!

Years ago, shortly before I got married in 2005, I started a fan / news site for shoot'em up (stg/shmup) games.. top down, horizontal and arena shooters. I will admit these days when you say shooter people think of 3D shooters.. so it is a bit of a niche genre at this point.. but there are still quite a few being developed every year... anyway, i digress... the site was called Shmuptacular... and while I no longer have a backup of the original site, I do still retain the domain name.

I should have set this up a year or two back.. but I was a bit slow with it.. anyway, Shmuptacular finally has a redirect page to get people over to this site... and I've begun implementing Shmup related forums, resources (files) and media (pics & video) sections to the site. So if you were on the original Shmuptacular site, or those of my friends Shoot the Core (Postman) or (Malc) consider making an account on here and helping me whip the STG sections back into shape.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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