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I've always found racing games to be great for some pick up and play action. Recently I've been playing Ridge Racer V on the PS2. What racers has everyone else been playing?


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Some ones That I've been fond of over the years:

Star Wars: Racer- Podracing is where it's at! The first game was pretty good. Racer's Revenge, though, is better.

Burnout- Really good white-knuckle, seat-of-your-pants racing series. 3 was probably the best. Though I'll admit to not having played Paradise.

Split/Second- Imagine if Michael Bay made a racing game, and you'de have a pretty good idea of what this is like, as you can trigger stunts and explosions to throw off your opponents.

Skydrift- A combat racing game, where planes replace cars.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme- A good combat racing game in the vein of Deathtrack, with some Mario Kart sensibilities thrown in.

Redout- A Sci-Fi racer in the vein of SW: Racer, and even F-Zero.


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All nice titles. Burnout is a great series overall. I Have Redout but I haven't played it too much yet.

Outrun 2006 is a great little racer if you can find it.

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