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Just a quick update- I've done a fairly sizable renovation to the organization of the forums. The changes include some reorganization of forums and categories on the front-end of the site, to extensive access level changes on the back-end of the forum. These changes will hopefully make the forum easier to navigate and put the content much more "front and center" than it was before. I found that many of the forums were redundant, so I moved those forum threads into more generally inclusive forums. I pruned forums completely while creating others. I organized the forums into fewer categories and ordered them in a way that made more sense from a navigation stand point.

There has been work done to the Resources (Files) area as well. While it's probably not evident to most, I reorganized the back-end structure and access to make it easier to add new content and control its access to certain areas of the site. More will be happening with Resources in a bit., so stay tuned.

The galleries (Media) section has had some similar back-end changes made to it. Access levels have been changed to allow for easier inclusion of categories. We just added a Vintage Tech gallery which shows people and technology from the 40's through the 80's. I've been trying to source decent resolution images and do some corrections to them to make them even better. More media categories will be coming soon.

The sites chat rooms are already an established feature. Hopefully these will be more fully utilized once the membership of the forums picks up. However, I've included shout-box which is located on the top of the forums. This can be used to leave short messages back and forth, post news updates, etc. If you want to use it- great.. if not, the box is collapsible to take it out of your way. The shout-box is not a part of the chat rooms, so if you are looking for more dynamic interactions, I suggest you use those instead. Still, it's a nice addition to the site.

We finally have a formalized set of forum rules located in this thread. It covers the basics and will be updated as needed. Please give it a read.

More to come soon, As always.. post often and please tell your friends and family about the forum. Let's try and get some more interaction going on over here.

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