DDI Telengard (C64)


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I played quite a bit of Telengard on the Commodore 64 back in the day. As I've gotten older and more nostalgic for the games of my youth, I've been trying to reconnect with some of the original games that I played. On that short list of games is the Phantasie series, the first five Ultima games, Autoduel, Mail Order Monsters and Telengard.

A few years back Dungeon Dwellers Inc. released a heavily modified version of Telengard, called appropriately DDI Telengard- which include additional features, bug corrections and improvements to performance. This is old school gaming at it's best.. super unforgiving.. but well worth a play through if you were a fan of the original game or old school FRPGs in general.

In DDI Telengard, you'll find clues to a valuable Sceptre hidden in the Telengard depths. I'll leave it to you as the bold adventurer you are to explore and discover what you'll need to help you in your quest. The higher in level you are, the more equipped you'll be to take on the task. When you have sufficient experience, you'll be able to use your powers of perception to detect when you are within 50 moves of the Sceptre. As your character gains further experience, your ability to detect how near the Sceptre is will also advance. Rumor has it there are those willing to pay a high price for such a rare artifact!

In contrast to the original version 4.18, your stats have more meaning in how encounters will play out, and you'll find you'll be able to use your spells more effectively, still keeping faithful to much of the original logic factors and equations. DDI Telengard offers a bit more color both graphically and to the text in random encounters. A few redundant spell types have been replaced, and special effects added to other spells as well. I could go on about the number of changes, but it's more fun to explore.

If you get really adventurous, I've posted the DDI Telengard source, where you can study the parchment and divine it's secrets .. although I would save such mage craft for when you have all but mastered the dark arts of dungeon dwelling. And with a bit of careful intrepidation, daring and a dash of luck, you'll find you'll soon be well on your way. So fire up your 64, load, roll and go explore .. how low can you go?
You can find the image here or at CSDB here.