Anyone Seen...


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The New Avengers?

Super Troopers 2?

Both of these are on my radar.

Still have not seen Black Panther yet...


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The new Avengers is ok... kind of everything, including the kitchen sink, thrown in a pot and stewed up. Black Panther was a good movie.. haven't seen ST2 yet.


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Glad I'm not the only one who hasn't seen Infinity War yet! For me, it's a question of when my girlfriend has a day off. We've had prior commitments too. The beginning of the month was the M3 Rock Festival, and tomorrow night we're seeing MindMaze and Master Sword.

We were hoping to see it before Deadpool 2 came out. But it looks like that isn't happening.

At least now Black Panther is out on Blu-Ray. So you can either rent or Redbox it.

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