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    Announcement Site updates

    I've been busy with stuff for a bit... but as things have settled down now (in both life and work) I'm going to try and start regular updates to the site. BTW.. The forum is fully updated.. I'm still going to be doing some work on the forum selection and layout.. So if you have any forum ideas...
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    Use this forum to post about any upcoming tech, gaming or simply "geek" related events.. Be sure to include location and dates.. preferably with a link to the events site.
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    Timeless Canceled... again!

    So I finally took the time (pun intended) to catch up on NBC's "Timeless" and they go ahead and cancel it! It looks like they might do a two hour movie to try and tie up the loose ends... but I'm really getting ready to bow out of watching serialized Sci-Fi TV all together. There is just no...
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    Has anyone played Fox n Forests yet?

    Has anyone had a chance to play Fox n Forests yet? Looks like it has some great old school platforming action and it's getting some decent reviews.. I just refuse to support Steam and it looks like thats the only platform it's currently on... aside from the consoles as a downloadable game. If...
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    God of War 4 (PS4)

    I've always been a fan of PlayStations God of War series.. but I'll admit, I was a bit concerned when I heard about what they were doing with the story. Has anyone had any hands on experience with the latest release? I've been holding off on picking it up so far.
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    Every Bon Jovi Song Ranked from Worst to Best.

    I'm actually surprised someone really spent the time to do this. But if you're interested, or just bored, here is every song (all 334 of them) from Bon Jovi ranked from Worst to Best... with commentary, no less.
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    Axel Rudi Pell: Knights Call

    I've recently been getting into the latest album by A.R.P. As always, it's got some solid guitar work by Axel and great vocals by Johnny Gioeli... Not as Dio-esque (is that a word?) as Gioeli usually goes for, but still quite good.
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    DDI Telengard (C64)

    I played quite a bit of Telengard on the Commodore 64 back in the day. As I've gotten older and more nostalgic for the games of my youth, I've been trying to reconnect with some of the original games that I played. On that short list of games is the Phantasie series, the first five Ultima...
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    River Monsters with Jeremy Wade

    When we moved I turned in our old DVR and apparently forgot to queue up River Monsters again when we got the new equipment. I just kind of figured this show went off the air, but I just found it again over on Amazon Prime and I've been ripping through seasons 8 and 9. Looks like they may make...
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    The Outlaw Johnny Black

    Stingray just sent me a link to the trailer for the new Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite) new movie- The Outlaw Johnny Black. Looks like another pretty hilarious spoof of the blaxploitation genre. I see (or rather hear) that Byron Minns (Bullhorn) is along for the ride again. Can't wait for...
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    I've been meaning to get back to reading some books regularly, but I've been out of it for a few years. Does anyone have any suggestions on current series that are worth get in on?
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    Pacific Rim Uprising

    So who is going to catch Pacific Rim 2 this weekend?
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    Name of the Wind

    Right now I'm re-reading Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I've been waiting so long for the third novel to come out that I've started to forget the first two books. :) So what has everyone else been reading?
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    So what does everyone think about the X-Files reboot? I'm still on the fence with the show as a whole- it seems like it's lost its way.
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    Retro Gaming

    This forum is specifically for discussions related to retro games and hardware (arcade, console and computer). You can also talk about new games and hardware for retro systems in here as well.
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    Gaming General

    This forum is for general gaming related discussions- both console and PC.
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    I've always found racing games to be great for some pick up and play action. Recently I've been playing Ridge Racer V on the PS2. What racers has everyone else been playing?
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    Judas Priest: Firepower

    I've really been getting into the latest Judas Priest album "Firepower". Definitely feels like it has some classic Priest overtones to it. Firepower, Lightning Strike, Never the Heroes and Children of the Sun are all great tracks.
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    General discussions

    This forum is for general discussions on a wide range of topics.. generally if it doesn't fit in anywhere else, then it goes here. Just keep things PG, no flame wars, be respectful.. you know, the basics. :cool:
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    Stop by and say Hi!

    This forum is for you guys to drop by and introduce yourselves to the community. Just tell us a bit about yourself and what you are into. (Keep it PG) :) As for myself, you can always read my About Me (Which I need to update) page on the main site.