Dungeon Master - Return To Chaos (by George Gilbert)

Windows Dungeon Master - Return To Chaos (by George Gilbert)

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Dungeon Master - Return To Chaos
George Gilbert

Return to Chaos (hereafter RTC) is my Windows version of the FTL classic "Dungeon Master", originally released on the Atari ST and Amiga in 1987, and its sequels "Chaos Strikes Back" and "Dungeon Master II". Whilst I make no claim to the idea, graphics or sounds, the program itself was entirely written by myself; mostly as a work avoidance tactic in my final couple of months at university. I started writing RTC to learn as I went along the basics of game programming and as such it is the first and only game I have ever written; please be tolerant with any bugs you find! I wish to thank those denizens of the 'Net who have play tested the game exhaustively - I hope this game brings as much pleasure to you as it did to me whilst writing it. Good luck and have fun.


Please note that this program requires DirectX 3.0+ to run. All comments, bugs and suggestions should be sent either directly to myself or posted to the RTC forum at http://www.dungeon-master.com/forum/

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